Best AC Concerns in Our Climate

You’ lso are probably tired of people all around the country telling you how your air conditioning should work. How the heck would they know what the particular climate is like here in Alexandria? Our own HVAC needs are a little specific, and our climate is different from that of New York up north, or Texas down south, so it’ ings important to remember that we need better tips.

HVAC in Alexandria, VA is different because of two factors. For starters, we all see more extensive seasons here than you would in Georgia or even Florida. And the second point is the fact that we deal with a lot of humidity, which changes things as the seasons go on. Humidity and changes in temps can make our air conditioners work extra hard and have trouble keeping up with our lifestyles.

So , keep reading as we get into some climate-specific techniques for you at home.

Dealing with Dampness

Doesn’ t your air conditioner just dehumidify the air automatically as part of the cooling process? Well, sure it does do some dehumidification as a byproduct of the cooling process, but it’ s not meant to be a dehumidifier. Your air conditioner will start to have problems trying to dehumidify your air enough when temperatures are high and humidity levels are off the charts. Down here in Alexandria, we deal with muggy summers every year, so this is an unfortunate reality of our living circumstance.

A whole-house dehumidifier can help you avoid this kind of problem completely. It’ s a good idea to run a dehumidifier with your air conditioner so that they can work together. At these times, you can enjoy dry air in your home as well as cooler temperatures, no matter how sizzling or muggy it is outside. Your own air conditioner will also last longer in the future since it isn’ t working so hard to maintain you comfortable.

Appropriate AC Care

Whenever we deal with such extreme temperatures shots here in Virginia, it’ s going to be important to make sure that our air conditioners are ready for the heat that comes with summers, comes, and falls. At night, you could see temperatures dramatically drop to be chilly and near freezing. During the most popular part of the day, things could get intolerable even well into October. These temperature swings can only be dealt with by a powerful air conditioner and heating unit that are properly maintained.

The moral of the story is usually: schedule AC maintenance when you can, and get your AC repaired on time. If you think there’ s something wrong, or that your AC is working into some trouble, our experts should be called early. The earlier you get repaired treated, the more likely your AIR CONDITIONERS will remain in good condition for years in the future. Neglect breeds problems that will eventually make your system unable to deal with the heat of the summer. This is not just the preference, this is a fact of being an AC owner.

Give us a call to schedule maintenance and repairs if your AC needs them!

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