The Hidden Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

You’ d be surprised by how many homeowners opt-out of heater maintenance. Whether or not it’ s because they think it’ s unnecessary, think it’ s i9000 a scam, or don’ t still know what heater maintenance is, this can be a bad move. It’ s like opting out of oil changes for the car, or opting out of having to pay your bills every month. Sure, it’ s your decision, but it’ s faraway from the best one.

We’ re going to let you in on a little secret. Every team that performs furnace servicing in Washington, DC has its own maintenance plan. Several are just your average, run-of-the-mill maintenance agreement while others are exceptional. We all like to think of our Polar Plus Club as more on the “ exceptional” side of that spectrum.

Not convinced? We wouldn’ testosterone be either. That’ s precisely why we’ re going to talk about some of the hidden perks you get from registering for our maintenance agreement.

The Clear Benefits

So , you’ ve got every site that belongs to an HVAC company in Washington, DC up on your own screen. You’ re comparing servicing programs and you’ re endeavoring to jot down the benefits to each one. Well, our more overt benefits are very simple.

  • Two visits per year. Whether or not you use a separate cooling and home heating, or your home is treated by a warmth pump year-round, we’ ve got you covered with two maintenance visits each year.
  • 10% Off of future visits. Looking for a way to save money in the future? Then invest in our own maintenance program. We’ ll give you discounts that keep you coming back.
  • Priority scheduling. When your heater is on the fritz in the middle of the winter, it helps to have a team that will come to your house first.

The Hidden Advantages

The points we all listed above are not as interesting seeing that what we’ re about to discuss. You can check out everything that comes with our own maintenance plan right here , but we really want to talk about the lesser-known benefits of heater servicing. These are the things that industry professionals would prefer to you not know about, so your heater can break down and they can be your “ knight in shining armor” to save a person for a high price. Our team is centered on saving you money and the longevity of the system.

  • Keep the warranty. A heater often requires yearly maintenance in the event that you’ re going to keep the warranty. This is absolutely vital if you’ re looking to save the most money possible.
  • Improve your air quality. While this isn’ t inherently what maintenance is for, a more healthy heater and air conditioner (with cleaned air filters) will give your home much better air quality by default.
  • Lower your bills. The better maintained your system is, the less energy or fuel it will consume to help keep you comfortable.
  • Avoid repairs. Most companies would love for you to call them every year with a new problem they need to fix. As for us, we’ d be perfectly content if your heater worked for years with no hitch. Achieve this by signing up for yearly maintenance.
  • Feel better. A well-maintained heater will provide more comfortable temperatures, plain and simple.

Are you ready to save money and invest in the future of your own heating system? Then call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Our servicing plan is unbeatable in this area.

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