The Best Team to Choose for Heater Servicing

When you’ ve been following our website for the last few weeks, you might notice the trend. We’ re taking a large step to be proactive heading directly into 2021, and with each blog post, we’ re deciding to focus on heater upkeep. Welcome to January, heater maintenance 30 days!

As part of heating servicing month, each couple of weeks we’ re going to make a case for our Polar Plus Club heating maintenance plan. We’ ll talk about some of the benefits that can come from it, some of the perks that our membership provides, and why heater maintenance in Washington, DC is so important. No, this is not a luxury service that we just offer VIP customers, it’ s a service that we wish every single customer we use would sign up for. It’ s essential and will lead to better performance from the heating system.

How Is Our Program Different?

Last post we talked about the hidden advantages of heater maintenance, but that might not matter much if our upkeep plan isn’ t worth as much as the team down the street from you. Well, lucky for you, we’ re going to go over everything that’ s added as a bonus of choosing our plan.

  • Two visits per year. Do you have a heat pump? Or perhaps your own air conditioner could use just as much maintenance as your heater? Our plan comes with 2 visits as a standard practice, and that means you get the year-round comfort that you require. This is the best way to ensure that all of your HVAC systems get the care they need.
  • Priority scheduling. When heaters start failing on the coldest days of the year, it can be hard to get a voice heard by a technician. This isn’ t just true with our team, but with every HVAC team on the planet. Luckily, when you sign up for the particular Polar Plus Club, you get concern scheduling which means we’ re constantly going to your house first.
  • 10% Discount off all upcoming visits. Sometimes repairs take place. Maintenance is a great way to avoid most repairs that a heater will need in its living, but some are rather unavoidable. Thankfully, our plan takes that into consideration with a 10% discount on all of the future repairs we’ ll have to make on your system.
  • Full system inspection. Take a look at our heating system maintenance page. Look at just how thorough our heating maintenance trips are. These aren’ t nearly doing a quick look over your system. We’ ll ensure that your heater is performing up to snuff, make minor modifications on it, as well as provide necessary cleaning services and repairs that maintain it in great condition.

Trust the Coolest Club within DC

We don’ t just keep you cool during the summer, we keep you feeling awesome in the winter. (Pardon the particular cheesy joke) We’ re committed to making sure everyone in the area has access to affordable and effective heating services that will save them money down the road. Sign up for our Polar Plus Club and we promise we’ ll perform everything we can to minimize expenses in your end.

Call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. to purchase our Polar Plus Club nowadays!

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