Exactly how Often Are You Calling for Heater Repair?

We’ re never going to inform someone not to call us. We like hearing from our customers, we appreciate helping out our friends and neighbors, and it’ s important to have a team you can trust to help when you need it. That being said, there is definitely a time and a location for furnace repairs, and if that period and place is all the time for your home, then something is obviously wrong.

The problem isn’ t you or us, it’ s your furnace. Sometimes systems that are on their way out, or require more comprehensive furnace repair in Arlington, VA could should multiple indications of failure throughout the year. This isn’ big t normal, and it’ s important to remember that. Only a trained professional to know about the lifespan and repair needs of a furnace system can provide targeted repairs that work. And unfortunately, it might be time to look into heater replacement services.

Once Every Few Years

Okay, you might not like what we have to say about this, but it’ t the truth—heaters do need maintenance during their lifespan no matter how much upkeep they get. Something will go incorrect eventually, and that’ s alright. This is just the reality of the circumstance.

However , this should just be once every few years, since furnaces only last between 10 to 15 years anyways, this shouldn’ to be too many repairs to handle. If you’ re calling us regarding repairs every few years for your heater, the truth is that you don’ t need to worry. As long as it’ s getting maintained properly and you’ ve got the help of licensed and trained professionals, this is pretty normal.

Once a Year

This is how we get into the weeds. Your own furnace should definitely not need repairs every year, but it might not be as bad when you think.

You could be suffering from a problem that just wasn’ to addressed last year or the year before that. This could be from working with an amateur service technician, or from some other circumstances like missing out on maintenance or running the system incorrectly. You could also avoid this need for repairs simply by replacing the air filter in your program every 1-3 months.

Basically, this is where you need the help of competent professionals. We can help you avoid requiring repairs every year by targeting the source and providing thorough maintenance every year.

Once Every Few Months

This is bad news. No heater should need maintenance every few months, and if yours does, then there’ s something truly serious going on with it. If you’ ve got a furnace, this could be from the variety of malfunctioning components, but all these problems could be wearing down your own heat exchanger and causing a safety concern.

In case your heater is getting old and you need repairs this frequently, it’ s i9000 a really good idea to start thinking about replacing it. Furnace replacement is an extensive investment that could make your life much easier by taking advantage of better, more high-tech equipment. Avoid repairs in the future by purchasing your system now.

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