Almost everything to Know About the Polar Plus Golf club

We know, we know, we talk a lot about servicing on this blog. That’ s just because it’ s so important! Neglecting to have maintenance done on your home heating spells disaster for your comfort, your home, as well as your budget going forward. But we’ lso are not here to talk about only the vital parts of maintenance, we’ re right here to talk about everything . Which includes the awesome perks that you could take advantage of when you join our Polar Plus Club.

The truth is that with Washington, DC heating, every service provider is going to offer their own maintenance program. Maintenance is vital and you’ d be hard-pressed to find a contractor who wasn’ t trying to convince you to definitely sign up. The big difference between all of us and the rest of the DC heating companies, is that we’ ve got several seriously unbeatable perks to take benefit of. So buckle up, and allow us to tell you everything you should know about the Polar Plus Club!

What It Does

Every contractor attempts to sell their maintenance program, however, many are more thorough than others. For our team, the focus of heater maintenance is to increase efficiency levels, maximize the lifespan of your heater, plus make sure it operates as safely as possible. These are only done by means of serious cleaning efforts, tweaks plus adjustments, and minor fixes that are made before they become full-on repair needs on their own. As long as we all undergo our full checklist because seen on our upkeep page, your heating unit will be in great shape going forward.

Unique Perks

The largest difference, however , between our maintenance plan and those offered elsewhere in the DC area, is the extra group of benefits that are offered. Take a look at what you get when you work with our team in achieving maintenance on your heating system.

  • 10% Off Upcoming Visits. Maintenance is a preventative measure that helps avoid the majority of maintenance your heater will encounter. That doesn’ t mean it will instantly avoid all repair needs, however. That’ h why we want you to feel better knowing we’ ll cut 10% off the cost of your repair bills in case something does go wrong under our own maintenance agreement. Seriously, this combined with our thorough maintenance will mean your own heater will cost less than it ever has before.
  • Priority Scheduling. When your heater is really struggling, you want the attention of a professional immediately. Our Polar In addition Club will ensure we make it happen quickly enough to deal with your heating system issue.
  • Conserve the warranty on your system. We’ re certified and licensed professionals, which means your heater’ s warranty will remain intact whenever we provide company. This is really worth it, since guarantees can save thousands of dollars for homeowners.

Don’ t Be reluctant

Our memberships are now being taken up at an astounding rate lately. Don’ t wait until it’ s too late to invest in our quality maintenance plan! Join the Polar Plus Club today so you can benefit from these perks, as well as give your heater the long-term care that it needs going forward.

Contact Polar Bear Air-con & Heating Inc. to join the particular Polar Plus Club today!

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