Home air cleaners: The Polar Bear Difference

What’ t the first thing you picture when you have a whiff of clean, crisp, fresh air? Do you picture a beautiful meadow within spring? Or perhaps you picture the snowscape in the middle of the winter where the air feels calming and almost crunchy? No matter what you picture in your head, we want to include your home to the list. That’ h right, your living room could have the freshest air imaginable, as long as you have the right air purification system for this.

Homes are significantly lacking air purifiers within Alexandria, VA. It’ s gotten so bad to the stage where homeowners would rather open a window in the middle of the winter to get air that’ s not stuffy or even fully of contaminants.

Make your home the paradise you want this to be, with an air purifier that will keep the air clean.

Why Is Your Air Contaminated?

We’ re not trying to make you feel bad for having contaminated air. You probably fit in with most of the population of this country who have contaminated air inside their houses. While there’ s no need to become embarrassed about it, it’ s furthermore not something to be proud of. Factors can differ, and your home can be safe from contaminated air if you invest in a good air purifier.

Viruses, bacterias, and mold spores exist in large amounts as microorganisms that we simply can’ t see. Your air flow might look clear, but if you were to take it under a microscope, you’ d feel differently. That’ t where an air purifier can help. This doesn’ t sift through your atmosphere as our eyes do, it takes things at a microscopic level plus eliminates contaminants that we can’ to even discern are there.

What Do Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers, like ultraviolet germicidal lighting, eliminate microbial organisms in the air because they pass through your air ducts. The particular ultraviolet light eliminates the organism’ s ability to reproduce, which is basic to the survival of these kinds of contaminants. Essentially, the ultraviolet light renders mold, viruses, and bacteria safe and allows them to be effortlessly ignored and removed from your surroundings.

Why doesn’ capital t the ultraviolet light hurt you? Well, since they’ re mounted in your air ducts, they’ lso are too far away and out of sight for them to have any harmful effects you. It’ s the same effect you should have if you were one room away from a tanning booth—which is essentially null.

The Polar Bear Difference

With our team, the polar bear difference is the option of quality over quantity. We’ re a local company, not a giant corporation or a satellite of just one. We actually care about the community and the families of our customers. When it comes to keeping your air safe, it’ ersus important to work with a team that isn’ t just concerned with selling products and making their bottom line. It’ h about trusting us to give you the appropriate information and work with you to develop an indoor air quality solution that works for you and your budget. Is an air purifier not exactly what you’ re looking for? That’ s fine, we’ ll arrive at the bottom of it.

Call Polar Bear Air cooling & Heating Inc. for indoor air quality services by a team that cares.

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