several Benefits of an Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are an interesting topic to talk about. It’ s not really usually the first type of furnace system that homeowners in our area tend to think about, but it’ s absolutely one which we recommend for certain homes that really wouldn’ t excel with a gas furnace. In case your home has an electric furnace, or you’ ve been thinking about upgrading your furnace to one that better suits your needs, then this could be the blog post for you.

Our furnace services in Washington, DC include the set up, repairs, maintenance, and replacement of electric furnaces. Before we try to talk about the technology, we really want to hammer home that electric furnaces best alternative for homes that might not have access to gas or that have special needs.

Let’ s get into some of the unique benefits of an electric heater system.

Advantage #1: Efficiency

When natural gas is burned in a gas-powered furnace, not all of the gas turns into warmth that can be used. While gas furnaces are incredibly efficient, they unfortunately reduce a small percentage of heat to become vented outside with the fumes that the process creates.

Electric furnaces are usually 100% energy-efficient, which means all of the energy your system consumes is used to heat your home. Could is awesome news, it seriously depends on how cheap electricity is in our area. If you have access to cheap electricity, as a result of hydroelectric plant, or another nearby power plant that’ h efficiently powered, then an electrical furnace can be an incredibly effective method for keeping your home comfy and your bills low.

Benefit #2: Electricity

Some house owners just cringe at the considered having a gas-burning heating kitchen appliance in their home. We understand. While gas furnaces are safe to run and overwhelmingly optimistic in safety measurements, it nevertheless does create toxic smells that need to be exhausted from your own home properly. Electric furnaces simply don’ t deal with this type of issue.

However, electric furnaces can still begin electrical fires if they’ re neglected or when repairs are missed. Any heating system can become unsafe if left to its own devices, so make sure you take care of your system, regardless of whether it’ s an electric or even gas-powered furnace.

But no, electric furnaces don’ t create any kind of toxic fumes and there is no combustion present in the system.

Benefit #3: Versatility

Getting access to natural gas lines can be a difficult ordeal. Homeowners who want gas furnaces often find out that truly getting the gas lines required to even start talking about gasoline furnace installation can be an comprehensive and expensive process to undergo. At the same time, an electric furnace can function virtually anywhere there’ s entry to electricity.

More homes have access to electricity compared to natural gas, which means electric furnaces will be able to work in more homes than gas furnaces. When you’ re on a limited initial budget, and don’ t have access to natural gas, then an electric furnace could be the perfect system for you.

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